Is your website losing ranking or not showing in the search results also?. As a game have some rules, Google Search ranking also some rules to rank every single website. Here are lots of algorithms under which Google defines search ranking. When your website is doing too much against the rules, then Google Panelize your Ranking in its search results.

Many of you do not about how to recover from Google Penalty? But our Digital Hikes team has experienced with these all situations, even we have free up lots of projects website with Google recovery penalty services.

Two Types of penalties that you can see while you are running a website.

  • Manual penalty
  • Algo Update Penalty

What is Manual Penalty?

A manual penalty is all about to hit Google your website manually. Well, in 90% percent cases, peoples get hit by Algo update Penalty. But those who hit by the Manual penalty they also can recover their websites through us. Digital Hikes New Zealand is available here to give you a complete solution, and free up from the Google penalty.

Reasons Google hit the website manually

Thin Content:- Usually, newbie blogger does not about Content writing. They usually write without knowing the penalty measurement. When you use week English, or not use proper grammar. Newbie bloggers did not know about how to measure their content. If you get Algo Update Penalty then it hard to recover.

Spam Backlinks:- SEO majorly depends on the backlinks, either backlink coming through different way like Images, Videos, or Content Article Backlinks, Comment backlinks, etc. Some of the websites are spam from you create or get the backlinks so Google has the all data of your website, so do not be smart that Google doesn’t have anything.

Spam Traffic:- in today’s time lots of peoples using the Paid traffic, and Bot traffic also to grow their website and their ranking. But Google policy always against of them. If your traffic is not organically then you may also have to face Manual Penalty.

What is Algo Update Penalty?

Several times in a week, in month or in Years, Google always updates its Algorithms. It is also necessary because Google would like to show the fair Search Results in its SERP. So some of the Websites which do Keyword stuffing, or black Hatt SEO and different things. If your websites penalize with algorithm update that it might have been recover from it. But we are here Digital Hikes in New Zealand Practiced several times and able to recover too many websites from the Algorithm penalty.

The important algorithm you should know

There are 8 major Google algorithms that follow:-

  • Panda
  • Penguin
  • Hummingbird
  • Pigeon
  • Mobile
  • Rank Brain
  • Possum
  • Fred

These are the major algorithms; behalf on of all this Google treats a website on the search Rank.

  • Panda:- It has launched on 24 February 2011. So what are the major things? What kind of thinks Google usually looks according to this update.

It is basically the Duplicate content, plagiarized or thin content, User-generated; keyword stuffing, and spam work.

Panda update assigned the Quality on the webpages. If you are not maintaining quality content then you should flag for it.

  • Penguin:- This update has been launched on April 24, 2012. This update especially works for “websites which is using spam and irrelative links to manipulative Google. Penguins update down all the websites in the search Rank Results which is using Irrelative backlinks for their websites.
  • Hummingbird:- it was launched on August 22, 2013. This is the combination of two update panda and penguin updates. It usually Looks out the thin content + Spam Links. Google’s objective always better search results. Peoples who are doing queries, they find relative results.
  • Pigeon:- It was launched on July 24, 2014, in the United States. And 22 December 2014 in UK, Canada, Australia. It’s all objective on off-Page SEO. If anyone does Poor or bed Off-page then they must have suffered, penalty through guidelines of Pigeon.
  • Mobile:– It is the most need able update that Google should have to launch. This is necessary because Mobile accessibility is growing more and more. So your website should always optimize for the Mobile. In today’s trend, there are Mobile users are in large amount then the Desktop. So your website all Pages should be mobile friendly.
  • Rank Brain:- This update has launched on 26 October 2015. It is a basic and very important algorithm update. Lots of websites have flagged by this update in 2015. It works for the “queries” and “key Phrases. What you are searching on the search engine (Google) and what are the results coming on the front of you. So to give the relevancy to the user’s Google launched Rank Brain. If your website is not working according to the rank brain, you will get a big loss in the future.
  • Possum:- well, every search results considering on the several updates, as usual, if you are working for the specific country, City or local location then there is Possum works. This update works on the Searcher locations. What kind of results searcher should have seen.
  • Fred:- Google confirms this update on 8 March, 2017, It is basically considered for the website which are specially made for advertisement and works for heavy revenue. They place too much ads on the thin content. Google strictly warns about, the thin content and more ads placements.


Conclusion:- In this article, you are going to gather knowledge about, what are the Google algorithms. If in Future your website hit from any kind of Update How to recover from Google Penalty.  Brief detail about Google updates and its pros and cons.