What is SEO?

If you are reading this after visiting too much websites on the internet, then you must know about SEO. If you still not idea about this term then we are giving you a sneak peek. SEO is the most powerful strategy that follows to grow your website traffic, worth of the website. It is totally unpaid activity if you do your own.

How does it work?

Actually SEO is very important for all the business who wants to succeed in the online industry. So basically SEO has divided into two parts 1. On-page SEO, 2. Off-page SEO. To do this you only have the knowledge of Search Engines and its algorithms. You have to know about every single fact related to SEO. So if want to do this your own.

Is ON-PAGE SEO Most Powerful then Off-page SEO?

We cannot say that which is most powerful but both of the activity is interconnected to each other. You can not only grow by doing only On-page, or you can not only grow by doing Off-page SEO. Both practices is must and important for Powerful SEO.

Is a website can grow in 2 months?

It’s all depending on the site owner and SEO Managers. In today’s time, our experts can also see some of the websites which we are growing in New Zealand, they usually grew up in the past 1 month, So yeah! It depends on the site manager.

Is there any limit on how many websites can we promote?

There is not any kind of limit to promote the website. You can promote many websites, or also can able to handle single websites. So if you are thinking about starting lots of projects, and having difficulties to manage then you should also divide your time according to your projects.

Is that SEO Expensive or Not?

Search Engine Optimization is not expensive to practice. Even peoples do their own low budget. If you are giving your project to Digital Hikes New Zealand then we can manage your project in a low budget so you are able to grow your business in New Zealand in your budget. We are managing lots of projects that’s are usually in their budget but they have a limited audience to grow up.

In Today’s Time SEO Really Work?

Yeah! Why not, SEO never goes outdated. Either there are lots of ads publishers come on Google. In today’s time SEO really works and lots of businesses are running at this term. So if you also want to hikes in your business then select us here.

How much time website take to give results in Google search?

It’s around 3 to 4 months if you want results according to your needs. Because today everyone wants that there websites ranking at least exist in the Top 5 ranking of the Google search results. Mostly, clients demand for the Top ranking on the Google Search Results.

May a website have the keywords Limit?

It is not necessary that your website has the limits to keywords that are for your website rank, it’s all about to depend on your content, niche on which you want to target your website. Whenever Google ranks your article then bots might be seen all the content and main source, and conclusion of your content, which kind of keywords and phrase you are using in your content.

How I am able to understand my SEO Working?

This is the most askable question that usually asked by lots of peoples. In 3 to 4 Months your website gets traffic on the niches which you have been targeted. If you are not getting ranking as you planned then you must understand you haven’t done so well, but you tried it’s more important.

How do I find Keywords?

Many users take the wrong steps to find keywords related to their niche. But first, they have to understand about their targeting keywords, or much more. They still understand about on which topic they are going to write.  These kinds of Keywords Searches and Volume.

Major Steps to take to overcome with these queries.

  • Study your Niches
  • Firstly Define your Goals
  • Before Get Started, Make List of your Topic and understand Potential
  • Use Good Keyword Research Tool, if not affordable then use free tools.
  • Identify about the Long tail keywords that you can cover